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At Delta Dental of Illinois, we are passionate about protecting our enrollees’ oral health – and can’t emphasize enough the important connections it has to overall health and wellness. Delta Dental of Illinois offers many resources and programs to help enrollees take charge of their oral health and take care of their smiles for a lifetime.

Educating our enrollees about good oral health is good business for Delta Dental of Illinois and our clients. That’s why we make it easy for our clients to distribute information to their employees. Delta Dental of Illinois provides a variety of materials for communicating with employees about oral health.

In addition to working with clients to reach enrollees, Delta Dental of Illinois offers several ways for enrollees (and the public in general) to learn about good oral health. We are continually adding new ways to educate enrollees on a variety of oral health topics – from prevention to dental emergencies.

In addition to employee communications and enrollee resources, we offer consultative programs for groups and brokers/consultants to analyze the oral health of their enrollees and how wellness initiatives are affecting enrollees’ overall oral health.

Our wellness program includes:




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